What is Young Arts?

Started in 1973, Young Arts provides exciting opportunities for children and young people to expand their horizons through involvement in creative arts activities.

 We aim to inspire young people with a lasting enthusiasm for the arts and an awareness of our arts heritage and its conservation. Our vision is equality of opportunity for all to learn through participation in the arts.

Arts Society Young Arts projects are many and varied and usually linked to curriculum work within schools. Through our efforts we aim to enable youngsters to learn and practise new skills, experiment with unfamiliar materials and acquire art-related technological expertise. The programme usually runs on a two year cycle and organisations can generally expect approximately £500 of funding per year.

In 2018 and 2019 we have given grants to Signpost for Young Carers. Signpost is a Stockport charity that provides information and support for carers of all ages. In particular, they provide recreational activities for Young carers. In 2018 we supported two projects. One provided sessions working with an artist John Hamilton. In the second project Ali Khan from The Big Comedy Shop delivered comedy/drama workshops to carers aged between 6 and 18. These were creative issue based workshops with a comedy twist, designed to engage and challenge the young people while having fun. Sensitive subjects could be explored allowing the young people to relax and to express themselves through drama and other creative sources. In 2019 our grant funded ceramic workshops delivered by Jenny Jacques Williams of ARC, a Stockport based creative arts organisation. By using clay and other techniques the young people made personal keepsakes e.g secret messages in clay envelopes, name badges and items of special interest.

We have had lovely, in some cases very moving, feedback from the young carers, their parents and the staff of Signpost.

Other past projects include:

  • sponsorship of a weekly art class for young people with disabilities. The class, in Northwich, was part of a multi-sports club providing a range of activities for these youngsters. Under the guidance of Andy Leigh, they have produced a large multi-media picture titled 'Identity', which relates to their hobbies, aspirations, emotions and families.
  • support for arts projects for a group of deaf children at St. Andrew’s Primary School, Manchester. Initially they created a jungle-themed fabric collage, followed by a photographic project - both under the tutelage of professionals.
  • a project with Styal Women’s Prison
  • linking art projects with healthy eating
  • willow weaving
  • quilting
  • an Olympics project at Park Lane Special School, Macclesfield, with input from 'Artists in Schools'.

The Arts Society takes an active interest in all the projects, compiling photographs and other data for our records.

The photograph shows Multi-Sports Club's 'Identity' picture with (left to right) artist Andy Leigh, club volunteer Liam Leach, Young Arts co-ordinator Michelle Gray and club business manager Cindy Seiler.